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Stuart Henderson

Supports: Chelsea
Position as a player: Centre Midfield
Footballing Idol: Paul Gascoigne & Kerry Dixon

As Director of the academy Stuart believes its refreshing to see players having the opportunities to access some of the country’s best academies, as they are effectively a free agent, and due to our unique relationship with Crown Football Agency.

Along with a huge list of FA qualifications, Stuart is set to complete his FA Level 4 Talent Identification Management Award (the highest qualification achievable for Talent ID Recruitment), basically, if he thinks you’re good, you’re GOOD!!

Stuarts advice to young players would be “Access as much coaching as you can, practice does make permamnent, so make sure you practice well, quality as opposed to quantity. Do not get tied down to a contract at a professional club at an early age, playing with friends, in Cup Finals, Promotion and Relegation in local grass roots football, I believe is an integral part of a players development, actually playing a game with something at stake,its only my opinion is good for their development. Often the meaning of a game in Academy Football, is purely just an exercise, which although it is a good platform to perform skills and techniques, along with working within units, I feel it is important to understand the meaning and emotions of playing where something is at stake.  If you have a particular talent, which sets you apart from the rest, keep working on the talent, I have ten seen players with an individual flair,  (not at the IFA i would like to add ) have this coached out of them, and before we know it all the players in certain positions are far too similar.”

“From the age of 14 upwards, players in our scheme should be working as hard as they can to try and reach the standard to be offered opportunities with Category 1 and Category 2 Clubs. I also feel it is important to lead a balanced life, its important to work hard at School, explore other interests, and have time with friends to ensure a balanced life away from football.”

Away from football, Stuart enjoys spending time with his partner, and children, along with socialising. He also enjoys reading and travelling.