About the Academy

The Independent Football Academy provides a unique coaching syllabus which aims at developing each individual player. All players have the opportunity to receive coaching at the IFA two nights a week, Mondays and Fridays.

Mondays is very much centred on technical development and ball mastery, whereas the sessions on a Friday are very much game related practices, which allow both an environment and structure to implement the technical work delivered on a Monday, into game related sessions.

Our official association with Plymouth Argyle Academy, sees regular games against both the Academies, and Centre of Excellences, so players are getting looked at on a regular basis. The syllabus delivered by the IFA very much focusses on practices, to help players achieve the technical aspects within their game to be competent at competing within Academy training sessions and games.

Whilst players attend the IFA, they can continue to play for their local grassroots football clubs.

The Independent Football Academy is very much focussed on individual player development, and developing players to be able to dominate 1v1 situations. Although we do play games for  age groups, we are not in any way a team, and game results are insignificant. Aims and targets for players are very much centred about performing techniques and ball mastery with the game effectively being a platform to implement these technical practices.

We organise fixtures to allow our players the opportunity to translate technical skills acquired through the delivery of the coaching syllabus and put this into practice. In addition to games in our local area, we play academies and development centres in various parts of England, along with entering pro select invite only tournaments predominantly in school holiday periods.

The players receive feedback from coaches in the form of online reviews, this can be accessed through the players area within the website, following completion of blocks based on different topics. Players and Parents can also request one to one meetings with coaches in order to discuss progress of a players performance.