The England DNA playing philosophy

We want our players to maximise their potential in football, education and life. As well as developing quality footballers and well rounded individuals. We follow a structured coaching syllabus which adheres to the England DNA, ?LOVE THE BALL, LOVE THE GAME? philosophy.

The Independent Football Academy is structured to offer the same coaching standards and hours as that of any top professional category one or two club. With a player pathway that drives towards signing a professional contract with a Premier League or Championship club, we believe this philosophy offers them the best chance of success.

In Possesion

possession - Plymouth football academy

Aim to dominate possession intelligently, selecting the right moments to progress and penetrate the opposition.

Out Of Possession

DNA academy philosophy

Aim to regain possession intelligently and as early and as efficiently as possible. All aspects of the out of possession philosophy will take into consideration the state of the game, the environment and the pre-determined game plan.


transition DNA philosophy Plymouth football academy

Sense changing moments in the game, both in and out of possession, reacting instinctively and intelligently.

If you want to give your child the best chance of succeeding in football. Contact us to arrange a free trial session, where your son can come and meet our coaching team and take part in high quality sessions.?

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