Tariff 1


Tariff 2

Individual 1v1 coaching can be provided independently to our players, For information on cost
and availability please contact: stuart@independentfootballacademy.co.uk – Tel: 07506 481709.

Discount for Partnership Teams

(A discount pertnership is where we have 6 or more players at one specic age group from a
particular club).
If seven or more players join the IFA from one particular age group of a team, then a discount of
35% is applied.

Please note all players need to be from the same age group team.

On Tarriff 1, the cost reduces from £41.00 to £27.00
On Tarriff 2, the cost reduces from £58.00 to £38.00


In exceptional circumstances discretionary bursaries and subsidiaries could be provided to
players. Please contact Stuart Henderson, Academy Manager, for further details.