Millfield school football tournament


Duration = 15 minutes each way; however, if players begin to tire this can be reduced to 10

Substitutions = roll on roll off

Squad size = maximum 22 (recommend large squad to deal with the loading)

Competition structure = League with top 2 competing in final. Win = 3 draw = 1 loss = 0. If level on points most goals scored will decide placement. If this is also level least goals conceded will decide placement.

*There will be a referee for each match but you will need to supply a linesman.

Results must be text through to 07824808098 immediately after the game: Please include goal scorers as there will be a golden boot prize.

U13 competition  

Pitch 6Pitch 7Pitch 8Pitch 9Pitch 10
Thursday 10:30 South London Schools  v  South Glos Taunton town fc  v  Bath & Wilts schools (BWB)  East Riding schools  v  Bristol City Academy  Millfield school  v  Cardiff & Vale schools  IFA Cornwall v  Plymouth Academy 
Thursday 11:30 Bath & Wilts schools (BWB)  v  Millfield school  Bristol City Academy  v  Cardiff & Vale schools  South Glos v  Taunton town FC  Plymouth Academy  v  East Riding schools  IFA cornwall v  South London Schools 
Thursday  14:00 Millfield school  v  Bristol City Academy  Bath & Wilts schools (BWB)  v  South Glos Cardiff & Vale schools  v  Plymouth Academy  Taunton town FC v  IFA Cornwall  East Riding schools  v  South London Schools 
Thursday  15:00 East Riding schools  v  Taunton Town FC  Plymouth Academy  v  Bristol City Academy  IFA Cornwall v  Bath & Wilts schools (BWB)  South London Schools  v  Cardiff & Vale schools South Glos v  Millfield school
Thursday  16:00 Millfield school  v  Plymouth Academy South Glos v  IFA Cornwall   Bristol City Academy  v  South London Schools  Bath & Wilts schools (BWB)  v  East Riding schools  Cardiff & Vale schools  v  Taunton Town FC  
Friday  9:30 South London Schools  v  Plymouth Academy  IFA Cornwall v  Millfield school East Riding schools  v  South Glos  Taunton Town FC  v  Bristol City Academy  Cardiff & Vale schools  v  Bath & Wilts schools (BWB) 
Friday  10:30                Millfield school  v  South London Schools  IFA Cornwall  v  East Riding schools  Plymouth Academy  v  Taunton Town FC  South Glos   v  Cardiff & Vale schools  Bristol City Academy  v  Bath & Wilts schools (BWB) 
Friday 11:30  Cardiff & Vale schools  v  IFA Cornwall   Taunton Town FC  v  South London Schools  East Riding schools  v  Millfield school Bath & Wilts schools (BWB)  v  Plymouth Academy Bristol City Academy  v  South Glos
Friday  14:00 Millfield school  v  Taunton Town FC   East Riding schools  v  Cardiff & Vale schools  South London Schools  v  Bath & Wilts schools (BWB)  IFA Cornwall  v  Bristol City Academy  Plymouth Academy  v  South Glos
Friday 15:00 U13 final    PITCH 1  TEAMS TBC        

U15 competition 

Pitch 1Pitch 2Pitch 3Pitch 4Pitch 5
Thursday 10:30 South London Schools v Paulton Rovers Bridgwater Schools v Cardiff & Vale East Riding schools v IFA Cornwall  Millfield school v Plymouth Academy   North Somerset v Yeovil Town Academy
Thursday 11:30 North Somerset v Millfield school   IFA Cornwall v Paulton Rovers        Plymouth Academy v Bridgwater schools         Yeovil Town Academy v East Riding schools   Cardiff & Vale schools v South London schools
Thursday 14:00 Paulton Rovers v Yeovil Town Academy  Cardiff & Vale schools v Plymouth Academy South London Schools v IFA Cornwall     Bridgwater schools v North Somerset       East Riding schools v Millfield school
Thursday 15:00  Plymouth Academy v South London Schools   Yeovil Town Academy v IFA Cornwall     North Somerset v Cardiff & Vale schools       Millfield school v Paulton Rovers      East Riding schools v Bridgwater schools  
Thursday 16:00   IFA Cornwall v Millfield school   Plymouth Academy v North Somerset     South London Schools v Yeovil Town Academy      Cardiff & Vale schools v East Riding schools       Paulton Rovers v Bridgwater schools
Friday  9:30 Bridgwater schools v IFA Cornwall     Millfield school v Yeovil Town Academy      East Riding schools v Plymouth Academy       North Somerset v South London Schools         Paulton Rovers v Cardiff & Vale schools  
  Friday 10:30 South London Schools v Millfield school       North Somerset v East Riding schools         Yeovil Town Academy v Bridgwater schools       Plymouth Academy v Paulton Rovers    IFA Cornwall v Cardiff & Vale schools  
Friday  11:30 East Riding schools v South London Schools           Paulton Rovers v North Somerset     Cardiff & Vale schools v Yeovil Town Academy    Bridgwater Schools v Millfield school   IFA Cornwall v Plymouth Academy
Friday 14:00 Millfield school v Cardiff & Vale schools     East Riding schools v Paulton Rovers      South London Schools v Bridgwater schools         North Somerset v IFA Cornwall       Yeovil Town Academy v Plymouth Academy  
Friday  15:30  U15 final PITCH 1 Teams TBC        

 Just a note regarding changing rooms. We have plenty but not enough to hold 20 teams! 

Due to some teams changing I will resend a changing room allocation as well a map to show you where each pitch is.

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