We want to give opportunities to the best players in the Southwest of England, to receive a technical coaching syllabus, comparable in terms of coaching hours of what players are receiving at Professional Football Clubs, whose academies have received category 1, and category 2 classification. In achieving this, our players are not subjected to the rigorous compensation payments, which we believe have the interests of the young player secondary to that of the club, which often results in players being unable to access academy programmes that are significantly superior in developing the player, the opportunities that the player would access, and a proven pathway to their development for a career in the game.


We want our players to maximise their potential in football, education and life. As well as developing quality footballers and well rounded individuals. We follow a structured coaching syllabus which adheres to the England DNA playing philosophy, ‘LOVE THE BALL, LOVE THE GAME.’


The structure of the Independent Football Academy, along with the association to a national football agency, allows opportunities for our players to access some of the country’s top academies, providing the players are of the required standard. Players have freedom of movement, and if there are category 1 and category 2 clubs that show interests in players, there is no compensation payable to ourselves. This is what we desire for our players, having opportunities of accessing some of the top academy systems within our country. We encourage our players to live a balanced life, understanding the importance of education and having interests outside of football, as its only a small percentage of players from academy systems that will go onto having a professional career in the game.